What is the Leaving Cert Computer Science Buddy System?

The “buddy system”  allows interested parties to register as a voluntary ‘Buddy’ in order to assist schools to build the culture and capacity necessary to offer Leaving Certificate Computer Science.

Additionally, the buddy system aims to publicly acknowledge and build upon the existing support provided by industry/companies and education providers to schools and teachers.

Watch the buddy system video to learn what exactly is involved.

What the Buddy System is..

  • Voluntary – schools and buddies are volunteers.

  • Available to all schools and teachers to request support from a wide variety of computer science topics including design development, coding, problem solving, computational thinking activities, computers and society, trends in computing, computer science careers etc.

  • A support which can be arranged to take place at mutually agreed times between the buddies and the teachers.

  • Support is provided in a variety of modes to suit the teachers needs e.g. online, face-to-face, blended, one off training etc.

What the Buddy System is not..

  • Meant to be used as a substitute for teaching. Buddies are not expected to take the place of the teacher to deliver computer science on behalf of the school. Buddies must be accompanied by a teacher at all times when in school buildings.

  • Not a proxy for research projects. Buddies should seek ethical clearance to gather data for their own research purposes in advance of declaring their interest in becoming a buddy.

  • Not a space for commercial presentations and product endorsements (or the endorsement of the use of one type of technology over another) by Buddy organisations.

Towards a Framework for a Buddy System

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